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WTFeis Kits
For Feis-Day Emergencies, We've Got Your Back

Standard WTFeis Kit

  • 1-Cosmetic Bag

  • 1-Mini drawstring bag

  • 3-Sanitizing hand wipes

  • 1-Shout stain removing wipe

  • 5-Safety pins

  • 3-Jersey material, seamless, ouch less hair binders

  • 1-Parting (aka rat tail) comb

  • 10-Crimped, U-style, ball-tipped bobby pins

  • 3-Spiral hair pins

  • 1-Hair bun donut (small)

  • 5-Fabric Flex Bandaids

  • 1-Pair extra black, round dress shoelaces

  • 1-Small Hairspray, Paul Mitchell (4 Hold)

  • 3-Dissolvable aspirin packets

  • 1-Emergency sewing kit with 10 colors, 10 pre-threaded needles, one safety pins, 2 buttons

  • 5-Double-sided clothing/body adhesive tape strips

  • 1-Roll black electric tape for shoes

  • 1-travel hanger

  • 1-Compact mirror

Deluxe WTFeis Kit

(along with extra storage room in the large drawstring bag + this entire kit weighs 0.82lb)


1-Standard kit


1-light polyester drawstring backpack

1-waterproof bag for phone/cosmetics

1-pair folding scissors



1-Pack 50 qtips

1-Front bump hair helper

1-St. Vitus keychain for luck (patron saint of dancers)


1-Wigging out kit:

  • 1-Satin wig/extension storage bag

  • 3-Extra toggles/drawstring clasps

  • 5-Wig clips

  • 1-O-ring to keep it all connected

WTFeis Kits +
Irish Dance Must-Haves

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