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MN-based, woman-owned Irish dance gifts and apparel shop kicking it up a notch for the ever-clever Irish dance scene with a penchant for puns (or at very least, a high tolerance).


We believe Irish dancers turnout best - whether they're team bobby-pins & shenanigans or team rested & vested. It takes heart & sole to dance to the beat of your own bodhran. Yes, the struggle is reel, but we say bling it on. (Forreal though this company is the product of an overly-driven, pun-loving Irish dance mom and a decidedly cheeky I-dare-you-to Irish dance dad who have spent too much time spitballing in feis bleachers.)

Glas Means Go* 

And what is a business peddling Irish dance puns doing if not also trying to do what we can to be green? We reuse and recycle all sorts of supplies in the creation of our products.


Do you have a closet full of "making" materials, dyes, oils/scents, wasting-away craft supplies, sheetmetal, plywood, old spraypaints, old jars or mostly-used (or unused) candles, etc.? 


Contact us with what you have. If we are able to put it to use, you'll receive 15% off any full order (even if there are other discounts) - or perhaps you have your eye on a specific product or two you'd like to trade for! Added bonus - if you're local, we'll pick up. 

*Glas actually translates to Green...see what we did there?

What's the story with 1968 pennies?

What is the story behind lucky pennies in Irish tradition?

Who is St. Vitus - (Literally, "who's this Guy"?

What are the precious & semi-precious gems and what is their symbolism in the Irish Dance crystals?

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