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Bobby Bin -Sleek Blue/Earth Tones

Bobby Bin -Sleek Blue/Earth Tones


Our "Bobby Bins" are a convenient place to keep the bobby pins that are all over the place while wigging and can be a pain to keep from rolling around in your dance/makeup/hair bag.


Keep all of your bobby pins in one spot and make keeping them handy (AND cleaning them up after!) ridiculously easy with super strong neodymium magnets built into each one to make collecting your bobbies, storing them, or having them stay in one spot while you're doing your hair more convenient than ever.


These jars all have screw-on tops, use a variety of different colors of bobby pins and design elements to make each bobby pin 100% unique, and infuse luck into your dance-day-decor with a homegrown 4 leaf clover and genuine 1968 Irish penny for good measure.


Know where your bobbies are in style, cut the clutter, and make hair-time and cleanup a snap.


Every Bobby Bin is one-of-a-kind. Made with epoxy resin and so not to be exposed to high heat. To clean use lukewarm water and dish soap.

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