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WTFeis Deluxe Kit

WTFeis Deluxe Kit


Deluxe includes:

(along with extra storage room in the large drawstring bag + this entire kit weighs 0.82lb)


1-Standard kit

  • Standard WTFeis Kit contains:
  • 1-Cosmetic Bag
  • 1-Mini drawstring bag
  • 3-Sanitizing hand wipes
  • 1-Shout stain removing wipe
  • 5-Safety pins
  • 3-Jersey material, seamless, ouch less hair binders
  • 1-Parting (aka rat tail) comb
  • 10-Crimped, U-style, ball-tipped bobby pins
  • 3-Spiral hair pins
  • 1-Hair bun donut (small)
  • 5-Fabric Flex Bandaids
  • 1-Pair extra black, round dress shoelaces
  • 1-Small Hairspray, Paul Mitchell (4 Hold)
  • 3-Dissolvable aspirin packets
  • 1-Emergency sewing kit with 10 colors, 10 pre-threaded needles, one safety pins, 2 buttons
  • 5-Double-sided clothing/body adhesive tape strips
  • 1-Roll black electric tape for shoes
  • 1-travel hanger
  • 1-Compact mirror


1-light polyester drawstring backpack

1-waterproof bag for phone/cosmetics

1-pair folding scissors



1-Pack 50 qtips

1-Front bump hair helper

1-St. Vitus keychain for luck (patron saint of dancers)

1-Wigging out kit:

  • 1-Satin wig/extension storage bag
  • 3-Extra toggles/drawstring clasps
  • 5-Wig clips
  • 1-O-ring to keep it all connected
  • WTFeis Moments

    Because we've all been there. A shoelace snaps. Nobody can find the sock glue or the shoe tape. There's a hair malfunction, or a wardrobe malfunction. Maybe everyone is looking for that one pair of scissors that's floating around. There's no shortage of things to worry about, and packing enough to be prepared for all of it would take a crate... or would it?

    With just enough of each thing you may possibly need during a WTFeis moment, we have optimized our bags to be lightweight, even have extra carrying room in them, easy to grab and bring with - easy to find in a pinch - to keep emergency necessities at your fingertips.

    If your dancer is transitioning to the older groups and youre not around to help as much, or you are a dancer and have "that friend" that everything seems to happen to at the last minute - help a feiser out!

    Cost effective, light, handy - and just a great pack against any of the what-ifs. Feis day is hectic enough as it is - a tiny bit of pre-packed peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. Luckily we don't charge that. :-)

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