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Memorialized Irish Dance Shoe(s): Custom

Memorialized Irish Dance Shoe(s): Custom


Irish dance shoes can take some abuses while still propping up our dancers to kick it next level.

You can’t always bronze your dancer’s biggest steps-but you can find new ways to nurture and commemorate ongoing growth-even with holes through the toes.

A game-changing feis, the $200 shoe your new puppy are right before a show, the first performance shoes that instilled a lifelong love of Irish roots-any reason you’re keeping that shoe is a reason to let this Irish dance mom turn it into a timeless keepsake, candy dish, or even succulent planter. Memories are worth keeping. Give us a shout or purchase and send us a shoe-we’ll turn your closet-memorabilia into unique household talking pieces that allow you to time-capsule a memory.

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