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Dance to the Beat of my own Bodhran Ultimate Tote Bag

Dance to the Beat of my own Bodhran Ultimate Tote Bag


You know who you are. You’re that mom everyone makes a beeline for anytime there’s a feis-day malfunction. You get it done, you make it work, you carry a variety of different colored bling “just in case.” You have snacks, a first aid kit, and extra device chargers. You have it all. Almost.

Your Irish Dance Mom game is strong, but you’re ready to level-up. Get the bag that makes you spottable from a distance, proudly decreeing your commitment to marching to your own Irish beat.

Not only is this heavy-duty canvas tote kicking all those sub-par beige wanna-bes to the curb with its impressive capacity (laid flat it measures 29”x15”), but you won’t be spilling your business like those circa-breakfast-club-molly-ringwald-style open-bag varieties.

Nope. You keep a tight ship and a tighter handle on your valuables with a close-able tote edition, celebrating this all-too-often-overlooked marvel of modern mechanics, the zipper.

Lock it up proper with a separate inside compartment for all your little odds and ends (or wallet/phone/keys), and you’ll have more than just the respect and adoration of your fellow Irish Dance Moms-you’ll have their continued bewilderment at how effortless and consistently you raise that bar.

So grab it and go, feisanna mama-and with all that extra cargo space, you may just have to nab yourself a Gone Feisin’ Refeisments cooler & Irish Dance Mama necklace. Because you deserve it and - take it from us - victory is a very good color on you.

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